Saturday, September 1, 2007

Oh the fun!!

Is this not funny? I ASKED myself.

Um, no.

Came the voice from within.


I was watching something on screen. People with red and gold dakshini imitation costumes were dancing. And right in front was Salmaan Khan who did not have a clue who were dancing what behind him... he danced in his own "what's-my-age-again?" style.... and people were sort of putting in there two cent's worth to see him dance.

Men from Hollywood can't do Bolly. Can't.

In case you are wondering what movie this was, I think the following picture would clarify.

Ah well, where were we.

(NO) Direction : Willard Carroll, sir, what were you trying to do? We do not need to promote Bollywoodi to the Firang, nor do we want to see a firang trying and failing in what works in India and for Indians. Please STICK to your own kind, sir.... In a very Racist manner, this particular comment is made. NON-INDIANS cant DO Bolly.

On the other hand, Indians can do Holly in Bolly manner. Just take a look at this particular baby. Oh, sorry, Babyy. The word suggest the importance of numbers.... and the numbers score!! I was pretty impressed by the film.


I dont know. It worked. It really worked. I felt the babyy, I felt the three desperate men who were trying to take care of her. It felt nice, to see a good plot (Three Men and a Baby) made Australian-Indian and the formula worked. The music was nice, the plot was quite watertight, and the kid was absolutely OOLIKIMITTICHHANALEBAABAA.....

And well, Vidya Balan. Boys, see what a full, "bholuptuous wooman" is like... Oof. What grace! Gives the women of India a feel of happiness.... someone up the Bolly heaven goes Balle when he sees our curves, and does not get turned off by the bumps and grinds.

So there you see? Woman in black has a lot of exposure, but woman in red saree still raises a man's blood pressure. No contests whatsoever.


Heathcliff Ranting... said...

tui marigold dekhli? :O :O

panu said...

ki jaataa bhab!!

Whim said...


Red saree...always a turn doubt.

As for the Marigold stuff,man!!!..u waste a post on Salman???


panu said...

It was not a waste. for your kind information, Salman was quite palatable once upon a time, bare chest and all.

Kaushik Chatterji said...

Balan in her most plastiv role yet, coupled with 2 hours of emotional drama poorly enacted by the 3, in a 2.5 hour comedy doesn't really make it good for me. That 0.5 hour, though, was when everyone was busy lifting themselves from the floor.

But yes, I can't agree more - Marigold's a definite contender for the worst movie ever, interestingly along with another which released the same day (Buddha Mar Gaya) and another, a couple of weeks later (RGV ki Aag).

Eyi teentay dekhle boja jaye ki joghonno kake bole.

panu said...

Ecjackedly. compared to them, Heyy Babyy was a dream! and the scene where the kid drowns made me weep.

Orpu said...

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Bong Pen said...

salman khan dancing his age away..ahha..well pointed dada!